Health Benefits of Coloring for Adults ...


Health Benefits of Coloring for Adults ...
Health Benefits of Coloring for Adults ...

There really are some people who feel mentally relieved while coloring. Do you? Want to know more? Watch this!

The gentleman interviewed in the video even states that at his place of work, the office gets together on Friday afternoons and colors together!

Personally, I feel more relieved when I get something accomplished for work. To me, coloring is a waste of time. But, I have never been the creative type. Some people are and some people are not. There are coloring books on the bestseller lists. So, there really is something good in coloring for some!

Do you like to color coordinate? Do you like to clash? Do you pay attention to coloring in the lines? Do YOU express yourself in coloring? How so? I would like to know! Leave a comment!

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