The Benefits of Green Tea You May or May Not Have Already Known ...


The Benefits of Green Tea You May or May Not Have Already Known ...
The Benefits of Green Tea You May or May Not Have Already Known ...

Green Tea – The 4,000 Year Old Wonder Medicine

Green tea is called a wonder medicine because it’s known to treat a wide variety of ailments. It provides organic food health benefits while adding in some of its own unique characteristics. Countless alternative medicine articles have touted the advantages of green tea. Nadine Taylor in her book, Green Tea: The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life, states that green tea has been in use by the Chinese for 4,000 years. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be investing in this natural alternative medicine.

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Losing Weight

Who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds for the summer? Well, the first place to visit is the box of green tea. These claims first came to light after a study published by the University of Geneva in 1999, entitled American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed those people who drank green tea burned more calories than those who were given a placebo drink.

We now know the reason for these results is because green tea improves the metabolism rate by an average of 4%. Now it explains exactly why some people seem to be able to eat the earth without putting on a pound. Some people may have seen a natural remedies blog or two claiming this is dangerous, but it’s not, because it doesn’t increase your heart rate.


Protect against Cancer

Cancer is the big one. Whilst there’s no explanation within alternative medicine articles as to why green tea seems to prevent cancer, people who drink it seem to reduce their chances of suffering from the disease. In other words, there’s a correlation but no cause. Countless studies have demonstrated some correlation, but one example comes from the Chinese Medicine Journal where a study entitled Beneficial effects of green tea: A literature review touched upon the reduction of certain forms of cancer in rats.

We believe there’s no direct evidence to show green tea as something which prevents cancer, it also doesn’t damage you, so it’s always worth a drink. Either way, it’s a good excuse for drinking lots of green tea!


Aging Concerns

Many a natural health magazine has mentioned the benefits of green tea in relation to the ailments associated with aging. Increased risk of disease, reduced mobility, and the aesthetic disadvantages are just some of those things.

Green tea contains a lot of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-oxidants are particularly helpful as they defend the body from free radicals (harmful bacteria and toxins) by inhibiting the chemical processes these harmful molecules need to survive. Anti-inflammatory substances join up with anti-oxidants to be beneficial for painful conditions like arthritis. Green tea has also shown to be up to 100x more powerful than vitamin C when it comes to neutralising free radicals, which help slows down the aging process.


Clean Teeth

Ever wondered why green tea extract seems to be appearing in toothpaste these days? Well, since the enzymes within green tea kill bacteria, it can prevent plaque. Not only does it prevent food poisoning, it directly assaults the bacteria associated with tooth decay. It’s one of the reasons why people in Japan and China seem to have superior oral health.

Green Tea at a Glance

• Lose weight.
• Protect against cancer.
• Reduce your chances of suffering from a disability.
• Increased oral health.

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