See What Happens if You Drink a Glass of Apple Juice Every Day ...

Who would have thought that a simple glass of apple juice could do all of this? In this video, learn what happens to your body if you drink a glass of apple juice every day!

1. Skin

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Heals and rejuvenates.

2. Heart

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One glass a day provides more than the daily requirement of potassium.

3. Joint Pain

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Prevents toxins from building up in the joints. Especially good for arthritis.

4. Liver

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Flushes out the toxins from the body.

5. Weight Loss

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Releases excess water and makes you feel fuller.

6. Intestinal Health

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Improves functioning of the bacteria in the large intestine, eliminating harmful bacteria.

7. The Mind

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Gets rid of fatigue, and mental and physical exhaustion. Fights insomnia and nervousness.

So, have a glass a day and know that you did something good for your body!

Good luck!

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