Healthy Reasons to Drink Hot Water ...


Healthy Reasons to Drink Hot Water ...
Healthy Reasons to Drink Hot Water ...

When you think of hot beverages, you tend to think about tea, coffee, hot chocolate ... those kinds of drinks. To many people, hot water is something that gets added to another flavour to make a proper drink, but what about hot water on its own? It might not be the tastiest, most flavoursome thing in the world, but it definitely has a lot of health benefits! Here are some of the best reasons to drink hot water.

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Nasal Congestion

The warmth of hot water creates steam, and taking a deep inhale of this steam can be really effective in helping to loosen up clogged sinuses and relieve headaches that are caused by sinus issues.



A good drink of hot water can both soothe and activate your digestive tract to work to its best ability. After all, water is the lubricant that helps to keep your digestion going, and as it goes through your system it will hydrate all of your vital organs.


Nervous System

Drinking hot water can actually work to calm down your central nervous system. When your system is calmer and soothed, you will find that you feel fewer little aches and pains throughout the day. This is a great tip for people who suffer from arthritis.



A drink of hot water can help to ease the problems of constipation. The higher temperature liquid can flush out and loosen old waste that might be sticking around in your body.



This is a no brainer, but it’s worth repeating! The more water you drink, whether hot or cold, will always result in you being more hydrated and internally moisturised than you were before. Starting and ending your day with hot water can be a prefect thing for your health.


Weight Loss

Hot water can wake your body’s temperature control system up, and when this is woken up, your metabolism is put into overdrive. And of course, when your metabolism is high, you burn calories faster and therefore lose more weight.



You know how taking a not bubble bath can improve your circulation? Well, the same goes for drinking a glass of hot water! It will warm up your arteries and veins and result in expanding them so they can carry more blood around your body.


Stress Levels

Back to the point about your central nervous system, the effect that hot water can have to dull pain can also lead to you feeling a lot less anxious and stressed.


Reduce Toxins

The hot water you drink will raise your internal body temperature, which in turn will activate your sweating response. The more you sweat, the more toxins you are getting out of your body!



Achalasia is a condition that some people have which leads to them having trouble moving food down their esophagus. A glass of hot water can do wonders for this, aiding not only in the moving of the food but also in the ease of the digestion.

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