The 5 Stages πŸ“Ά of Our Periods πŸ™Š We All πŸ’― Go through ...

Periods are a fact of life for the female population and there are stages of periods we all go through. Yes, we’d rather not have them, but we learn to deal with them. But it’s not always an easy process. Here are the stages of periods we all go through.

1. Stage 1: I Hate Everyone!

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The first of the stages of periods we all go through is the one where you hate everyone. The PMS kicks in and usually that can make you quite moody and unreasonable. The simplest things annoy us and we seem to bite people’s heads off way more than usual. During this stage we’re better off alone.

2. Stage 2: I Need Hugs and Attention

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We can go from hating everyone to being attention seeking princesses in desperate need of affection and attention. This is where our partners are brought in for assistance. Don’t question it, just come over here now, am I right?

3. Stage 3: Ouch…crippling Pain

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The hot water bottle and paracetamol is definitely needed here. We might be at work or school and just feel like death. Pain is one of the worst things about periods because it gets in the way of day to day life.

4. Stage 4: Day 1 & 2… Enough Said

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These are the worst period days when it’s at its most gross and painful. We sneeze and it feels like we have Niagara Falls between our legs, or go to the toilet and leave it looking like a murder took place in the bowl.

5. Stage 5: Back to Normality

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It eases off and then finishes completely and we can enjoy 4 weeks of freedom before the whole sorry saga begins again. I sometimes think that women everywhere deserve a medal for this!

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