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How Augmented Reality is Transforming Healthcare ...

By Karen

Are you wondering how augmented reality is changing health care? Augmented Reality is changing the way doctors diagnose and treat patients. It is the integration of a user’s environment and digital information in real time. Software developers write AR apps in special 3D programs that allow them to tie animation or contextual digital information in a computer program to an AR marker in the real world. Google glass (smart glasses) is a good example of this new technology. AR has transformed healthcare and pharmacy benefit management. Here is more information about how augmented reality is changing health care.

1 Patient Education and Care Management

The EyeDecide medical app helps educate patients by using a camera display to simulate the impact of certain conditions on a person’s vision. For example, the app can show the impact of a cataract. That's just one of the great answers for how augmented reality is changing health care. Keep reading for more.

2 Medical Training

Teaching surgical procedures is an arduous task for medical schools. What is a new solution? AR medical apps that help students understand the human body and how it functions. These apps are being developed and will be able to help overlay digital information in audio, video or 3D models onto human skeletons.


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3 Pharmacy Benefits

Pharmacies and doctors can use AR to help make Pharmacy Benefit Management more efficient. Patients can wear Google Glass installed with an app that gives them reminders about taking medications. And there is an app that offers information on a drug overdose and its effects.

4 Fitness Management

Augmented reality mobile and glass apps can help improve wellness and fitness regimens. For instance, individuals wearing Google Glass can see workout related information right around their field of vision to obtain details about their fitness instead of looking at a mobile app.

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