8 Amazing Ways Massage Therapy Helps ...


8 Amazing Ways Massage Therapy Helps ...
8 Amazing Ways Massage Therapy Helps ...

If you want to improve your health, you might want to consider the benefits of massage therapy.

For many, due to cost, getting a massage from a licensed massage therapist is a treat, such as for your birthday. However, regularly scheduled massages are best for your health. Those with chronic illness, including mental illness, should talk with their health insurance companies to see if they’ll pay for their massages, or pay part, and consider them as treatment. Whether you’re sick or fit as a fiddle, here are eight amazing reasons to say aah at your nearest massage parlor and reap the benefits of massage therapy.

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They Don’t Call It Massage Therapy for Nothing

People with high stress, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, cancer, or many other disorders and diseases will immediately benefit from the relaxing touch of a licensed massage therapist. Oxytocin is released from the brain during a massage, breathing becomes regulated, and your worries melt away for the hour


Regular Massage Appointments Are Great Alleviation for Neck and Shoulder Pain after Whiplash or a Fall

Those new to massage should start off with a relaxing massage, such as a Swedish massage, but those who are experienced would benefit from opting for a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage permits the masseuse to press hard so that the tension is released making the pain go away for a few days or a week, so long as you don’t do anything to put strain on your back or neck


There’s a Misconception That Massage Therapists Just Went to School for a Month and Got a Certificate

Becoming a licensed massage therapist takes two years and is full of college-level science and anatomy courses, along with at least nine hundred hours as a student intern. Due to this training, your massage therapist is able to give you advice on the proper way to sit, how to properly lift a heavy object, the best way to carry your baby, and more


It Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure

After just a fifteen-minute long chair massage using trigger point therapy, studies have been confirmed by the American Massage Therapy Association that a person’s blood pressure lowers


Massage Therapy Can Help Cancer Patients

Chemotherapy is a nasty treatment, but necessary to save your life until the next thing comes along. There is also microwave treatment for cancer fighters, although it’s not common treatment in the United States or Canada, but is done by medical doctors in Mexico and Germany. Chemotherapy causes horrible nausea. Regular massages decrease the nausea symptoms. Since extreme stress can trigger the onset of cancer and heart disease, massage is also a wonderful way to lower your stress giving you a fighting chance


MAssage Can Help with Balance Issues

Women with Sotos Syndrome and women in their golden years have balancing problems. Falls can be fatal or leave you paralyzed and dependent on others, which can lead to depression. Regular massages, according to Nancy M. Porambo, President of the American Massage Therapist Association, helps improve balance and reduces pain caused by osteoarthritis


Massage Can Help with Insomnia

Insomnia, if severe, can be deadly. Poor quality sleep causes increased weight, heart problems, anxiety, crankiness, and the inability to think properly. Massage therapy deeply relaxes you. Let your massage therapist know if you don’t want to talk. Relax as your breathing becomes regulated and the tension in your head and neck dissipates, soon you’ll be in a deep sleep, and yes you’ll get your full massage as you sleep


Get Refreshed before a Game

Massage therapy makes us feel better mentally and physically. Whether you have an upcoming volleyball game or a chess game, a massage before the event or even the day before can help. You achieve your ultimate performance and keep your head in the game

If you are new to massage let your massage therapist know if you want the bed heated or unheated. If you are having a deep tissue massage let her know if it’s too painful, although you should definitely feel some deep pressure (as after the massage you should feel fabulous). Only see a licensed massage therapist. A licensed massage therapist always has their accredited school framed and hung on the wall. If there is no degree on the wall, which must have a signature by the president of the school and an emblem, leave.

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