5 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs ...


5 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs ...
5 Home Remedies to Avoid at All Costs ...

There are some home remedies you should avoid. Natural alternatives to medicine are really popular right now, and that’s great. But you have to be savvy about the remedies that you choose to use. Not every situation can be solved with home remedies and not every home remedy is actually effective. Here are the home remedies you should avoid.

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Mud for Bee Stings

Mud on a bee sting is one of the top home remedies you should avoid. This common myth can actually be detrimental to the healing process of a bee sting. The coolness of the mood will relieve some of the discomfort associated with a bee sting, but it also has the potential to infect the sting. There is a misconception that it pulls the stinger out of the wound. There is little evidence to support this. And even if it’s true you’re better off scraping the stinger out with the edge of a credit card. Mud creates a huge risk of infection. If you need relief from the pain of the sting, it’s better to try ice or cold water on the area.


Essential Oils for Open Wounds

Essential oils are a huge market right now and they do have some valid medicinal properties. However, they are NOT a good idea for treating open wounds. Any “cleansing” properties that they may have are overshadowed by the risk of infection that they pose.


Vapo Rub on Infants

Vapor rubs are great for relieving congestion in adults, but they can be dangerous for babies’ developing lungs. The chemicals that they contain can do more harm than good when it comes to your little one. If your child is under the age of three, do not put vapor rub directly on them. Putting a little in your humidifier or some other form of an aerosol is a much safer route. Too much direct inhalation of vapor rub is damaging to young children.


Putting Butter on a Burn

Burns trap heat. To treat them, you want to use a product that will help release the heat from the affected area and give it a chance to heal. Butter has the opposite effect. It will trap the heat and can do a lot to worsen or prolong the healing time of a burn.


Whiskey for Teething Infants

This will make their gums hurt less. But alcohol is NEVER safe for your infant to consume. Even in small amounts, this is a dangerous idea. There are a lot safer, better options out there to numb their little mouths. Even something as simple as ice in their pacifier will help. There is no need to risk exposing them to alcohol at such a young age.

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