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Healing Elements Found in Hot Springs ...

By Karen

There are quite a few healing elements in hot springs. Warm water bathing is a therapeutic and perfect way to relax. During a hot springs bath, your body absorbs trace amounts of minerals that help provide healing effects to different organs and systems. Details about the healing elements in hot springs are below.

1 Boron

Boron builds muscle mass, increases brain activity and strengthens bones.

2 Calcium

(CA ++) strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis and helps regulate bodily functions.


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3 Chloride

(Cl) is a chemical the human body needs for metabolism. It also helps keep your body’s acid/base balanced.

4 Iron

(Fe) builds up the quality of your blood, prevents stress and fatigue as well as improves skin tone.

5 Magnesium

(Mg++) maintains normal heart rhythms, helps reduce blood pressure, and aids in eliminating body toxins.

The ancient Greeks used warm water baths to promote healing the mind and body in tandem. Even with the advances in modern medicine, recent research shows therapeutic bathing can be a powerful elixir. Experiencing a hot spring bath offers an ideal and unique viewpoint on the world. And it brings a different kind of energy to the experience of travel. I had the opportunity to soak in the thermal hot springs in Baños, Ecuador. The area is surrounded by mountains and the water is heated from the active volcano Tungurahua—sometimes you can even hear it rumble! Other destinations around the world include:

1 Aqua Dome, Austria

2 Kuroyu Onsen, Japan

3 Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica

4 Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado (USA)

5 Parco Dei Mulini, Italy

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