5 Genius Home Remedies to Help Manage Anxiety without Medication ...


5 Genius Home Remedies to Help Manage Anxiety without Medication ...
5 Genius Home Remedies to Help Manage Anxiety without Medication ...

Anxiety makes even the smallest tasks difficult, which is probably why you're here looking for home remedies for anxiety. Anxiety can interfere with making an important phone call to replaying a conversation in your head a million times because you think you may have offended someone. Medication is prescribed so quickly, and it helps. Sadly, it does not solve the underlying problem. If you are like me, you want to fight back. There are many different methods to help treat anxiety before it even becomes an issue. Below are 5 simple things you can do to help anxiety from ruining any more events and you can do it all from home, work or school. Get ready to kick anxiety’s butt! Just remember that while these home remedies for anxiety are great, they shouldn't replace anything prescribed your doctor unless he says it's ok.

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Writing during stressful times can be a release for anxiety. Whether you are writing a story or just diary entries, this will be a great distraction for your busy mind. You do not need to be an English professor or excellent writer. This is just for you. Journaling is one of the most commonly recommended home remedies for anxiety so give it a try today.



I know. When you are concerned about everything in the world, exercise is that last thing on your mind. Exercising releases “happy” hormones in our brains, which will counteract the anxious thoughts. I have found running helps me. You can dance, run, walk, weight lift-anything that you like. Just get up and do it.


Diet Changes

You must remember that we are what we eat. Everything that we put in comes up. If you are putting junk into your body what do you expect to come out? Caffeine and fast food are two major contributors to anxiety. You might be thinking how in the heck am I going to live without caffeine. You can do it! You will have more energy if you are putting healthy food into your body that can be used to make energy. If you absolutely need that morning coffee, limit yourself to one cup a day.



Breathing exercises, such as yoga and meditation help to bring you down from anxiety. Go somewhere quiet and take a seat. Close your eyes and focus on deep breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Make each inhale last 5-7 seconds and exhale just as slowly. Do this for 5 minutes. While doing this, make your mind focus on counting your breaths instead of whatever else is on your mind.


Be Prepared

Staying organized may seem like a small thing, but if you are like me then you get worked up if things don't work into the schedule that is in your head. Staying on top of things will keep you from the meltdown because your day didn’t go as planned. For example, you stayed up late last night to finish work you had weeks to do, but you waited until the last minute. You wake up late the next morning, lunch is not made, the house is not clean, you left your phone at home, you’re late to work or school…things that all could have been avoided if you would have worked on your project early, instead of waiting until the last minute. Keeping yourself organized is a great way to avoid this kind of panic mode.

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