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7 Simple Solutions for Ladies with Low Iron Levels ...

By Alicia

Low iron levels aren’t good for your health. This is a problem that’s common among women. If you’re struggling with this then you may be wondering what else you can do besides taking your iron pills. It turns out there are actually 7 simple solutions to raise your iron levels.

1 Take Your Iron Supplement with OJ

Taking your iron pills with orange juice will help the iron absorb better. Out of OJ? Choose another snack rich in vitamin C, such as a bowl of strawberries or a kiwi. Another tip to get the most from your iron pill is to avoid dairy for an hour before and after you take your iron supplement. This is because calcium will prevent iron from absorbing.

2 Up Your Red Meat Intake

There are many sources of iron in foods but red meat is one of the best. Liver is especially high in iron. If you’re not a huge fan of eating a serving of meat on its own, think of the many ways that you can use hamburger to get a source of iron. Tacos, spaghetti and many casseroles made with ground beef allow you to get a serving of red meat in a flavorful way. Creativity can help if you don’t like to eat meat on its own.


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3 Eat Your Greens

Who knew that greens were good source of iron? Both spinach and kale are choices that offer iron. If you’re not a meat lover then this is especially great news for you. You can have spinach or kale as a veggie at dinner or as the base for your salad at lunch. My lunch is almost always salad with a spinach base topped with baby tomatoes, grilled chicken, olives and a drizzle of light ranch.

4 Use an Iron Skillet

Did you know that changing the pan you use can boost your iron levels? It can if you use an iron skillet. Iron skillets leach bits of iron into your food when you cook with them. This sounded a little freaky to me when I first heard it, but it’s totally safe and recommended by doctors to help raise your iron level. Iron skillets have stood the test of time, being a substance that’s been used to make cooking devices for thousands of years.

5 Tame Your Period

If you have heavy periods then your iron is more likely to be low than if you have regular or light periods. There’s a little trick that can help you to have lighter periods. Taking Ibuprofen regularly the first 2 days of your period can decrease the amount of bleeding you have. If you know when you’re going to start then taking it the day before you start can help, too. This not only helps your iron level but helps make periods less painful as well.

6 Eat Iron Fortified Breakfast Cereals

Many breakfast cereals are fortified with iron. But not all of them are created equal. It’s important to take time to read the label to see how much iron a cereal offers. Some cereals that are good sources of iron are Frosted Mini-Wheats, Total and Multi-Grain Cheerios. With a little bit of searching, you can hopefully find a cereal high in iron that you enjoy.

7 Snack Smart

You can also get iron in your snacks throughout the day. Munch on dry cereal or popcorn instead of potato chips at night. Trade in your cookies for dried apricots and raisins when you’re craving sweets. These are just a few options of snacks that offer iron. You’re sure to find something you love to munch on.

These are 7 solutions to low iron levels. What tips have helped you with low iron? You’re always welcome to share.

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