7 Natural Ways to Get Energized without Caffeine ...


Caffeine might give you an energy boost and help you get through the day, but it's not a natural way to raise your energy level. Between work, classes and other responsibilities, a busy schedule can drain the life out of you. But fortunately, you don't have to rely on stimulates to get through everything. Here are seven natural ways to get energized without caffeine

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Go to Bed Early

This is one of the best – and most obvious – ways to have more energy without caffeine. Understandably, going to bed early can be challenging. There isn't enough time in the day for every task on our plate. But if you get into a routine of sleeping between seven and nine hours, you'll awake refreshed and have more energy throughout the day.


Exercise in the Mornings

Adjust your daily schedule and plan workouts in the mornings before work. This will give you an instant energy burst, plus morning workouts can increase your metabolism and you're more likely to make healthier eating choices throughout the day.


Lower the Temperature

Warm temperatures make us lethargic and sluggish. If you need an energy boost, lower the temperature in your house or office, or turn on a fan. Cooler temperatures can wake you up and help you feel more alert. If you feel more alert, you'll have more energy.


Drink Plenty of Water

Don't get into a habit of drinking juice, soda and tea throughout the day. These beverages have flavor, but it's not the same as drinking water. Sugary and caffeinated beverages can dehydrate you. And if you're dehydrated, you'll feel sluggish and tired. Aim for eight glasses of water each day. If you need an energy boost, drink a glass of water and notice the difference.


Don't Skip Breakfast

You might skip breakfast if you're rushing in the mornings. But if you don't consume calories early, you're going to feel more tired and have less energy. Always eat breakfast, even if it's a light breakfast such as a piece of fruit or a muffin. Also, keep healthy snacks with you throughout the day to regulate your blood sugar and keep your energy level up.


Don't Overeat at Lunch

Eat a light, healthy lunch to feel energized. If you get into a habit of eating a heavy lunch, you're likely to feel sluggish immediately after lunch, and it might be harder to stay productive throughout the rest of the day.


Take a Short 20-minute Cat Nap

If you didn't get enough sleep the night before and you're feeling sluggish, try and squeeze in a 15- or 20-minute power nap. This gives your brain and body a chance to recharge, and you'll awake feeling energized and ready to complete the rest of the day. Maybe you can take a short nap in your car on your lunch break, or rest your eyes at your desk after eating lunch.

Many people deal with low-energy, but you don't need caffeine to raise your energy level. Often times, it's simply a matter of adopting better, healthier habits and changing your routine. Make the necessary changes and see if you notice a difference in your energy level. What are other natural ways to get an energy boost without caffeine or other stimulants?

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Going to start following this. Thank you for the useful tips.

A mixture of nuts is a great energy boost. I'm having some now..almonds, walnuts, cashews....

Every morning I take a walk around the neighborhood with my son also do some outdoor exercise such as running while pushing him in the stroller spend at least an hour we bond, get fresh air and feel so energized. Then we go back home cook some break fast and start the day

Earlier years in my education we used to have these 24 hours exams that we had to answer the assignments at home. The people I studied with always bragged about drinking like 4 cans of coffee and some energy drinks like red bull which I never do. All I did at that time was to drink the best thing ever. Water. So refreshing and good. These advice are also nice though :)

Thanks awesome advice

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