9 Things You Shouldn't do when You're Sick ...


The next time you start to feel a little under the weather, see if you're guilty of any of the common things you shouldn't do when you're sick.

While most of them are obvious, plenty of us have done several things on this list on more than one occasion.

Doing any of these things you shouldn't do when you're sick could just make the problem worse.

Keep these in mind the next time you get the sniffles and you just might get better faster.

1. Take Too Much Medicine

Obviously, you want to feel better, so you take cold and flu meds to deal with your symptoms.

One of the biggest things you shouldn't do when you're sick is take too much medicine.

Combining multiple meds with the same ingredients is actually dangerous.

You should also make sure you follow the instructions on the medication to avoid taking it too often.

Remember, these aren't miracle cures and the last thing you want is to make yourself worse.2

2. Boost Energy with Caffeine

While it'd be great to always be able to stay at home when we're sick, sometimes there are things we have to do.

The problem is many of us tend to try to boost our low energy levels with caffeine or sugar.

Downing coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks only makes your symptoms worse.

The caffeine and sugar actually dehydrate you and prevent you from getting the rest you need to heal.

3. Use Dirty Nasal Spray

The last thing you might think about when you're sick is cleaning the nozzle on your nose spray.

However, if you don't clean the nozzle after each use, you could be putting bacteria back in your nose.

The bacteria could result in a backset.

Make sure you clean the nozzle with rubbing alcohol after each use.

Use Old or Leftover Prescription Medications
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