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Weight gain from stress is by far, one of the most common complaints in women these days.

It’s no wonder with our demanding jobs, constant pressure to be successful and perfect, family requirements and responsibilities, job duties, and trying to find some time for ourselves in the mean time.

Oh, and let’s not forget about cleaning, bills and relationships!

It can be enough to drive many of us mad most days, am I right?

I’ve dealt with weight gain from stress many points in my life, even if it was just 5 or 10 pounds.2

What I learned is trying to push yourself on an incredibly restrictive diet is the worst thing you can do.

Try some of these tips below if you’re dealing from weight gain from stress.

In a few months, you’ll be feeling better and also be back to your normal weight if you put these into regular practice and start putting yourself first.

1. Get Moving

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The first thing you’ve got to do to beat weight gain from stress is to get yourself moving dear!

Exercise is a double weapon against stress and weight gain.

It lowers your cortisol levels, which in turn reduces stress and helps your body store less stress-induced fat.2

The most effective time to do it is in the morning because it will make you feel more in control all day, and you won’t be stressed out all day knowing you still have to exercise.

For me, just the idea of something else on my schedule, even a workout, is stressful.

Get it done first thing as soon as your feet hit the floor each morning.

You’ll feel better all day and in no time, be losing weight.

2. Eat the Right Foods

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You know how to eat healthy, but are certain products being promoted as healthy fooling you?

Those flavored yogurts you love are filled with sugar, that whole grain bread is still lacking the nutritious density of plain old whole grains, and those quick diet dinners out of the freezer aren’t giving your body what they need.

Oh, and that protein bar you’re buying?

It’s not doing your weight loss any favors.2

To beat stress effectively, start eating whole, clean foods.

These aren’t flavored, they’re not promoted as diet foods and you can make tons of things with each of them.

I’m talking produce, plain, unsweetened yogurt which you can flavor with stevia yourself, lean protein that’s not out of a box or package, whole grains like quinoa and oats instead of bread and bars, and most importantly, clean water instead of diet soda.

Eating the right foods reduces stress on your body because these foods are rich in nutrients that fight stress.

Make food a priority and stick to it.

Healthy fats from raw nuts, seeds like flax, chia and hemp, and avocados and coconut are also great to add to your diet.

Also eat fish in your meals at least three times a week.

It fights stress, weight gain, and improves your mood and energy.

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