7 Tips for Repairing a Metabolism after Dieting for Years ...


There are numerous tips for repairing your metabolism that are much easier than they seem and also not as intimidating as you might think. A metabolism is never really broken, and can always be fixed. Though your metabolism can be sluggish for years, there are proven ways to prepare it without going on any crazy diets whatsoever. Though your diet might need some adjustments, you won’t need to starve yourself or prevent yourself from feeling nourished. You won’t have to work out all day to heal your metabolism either. Check out these tips for repairing your metabolism, and you’ll find that with a few effective steps, you can easily reboot your system in no time!

1. Watch Your Insulin

One of the very first tips for repairing your metabolism you need to consider is how you can manage your blood sugar levels. To do this, you’ll need to effectively eat for optimal insulin levels. Insulin regulates your blood sugar, and when it gets off balance, it makes you tired, makes you gain weight, and can slow down your metabolism. To stabilize your insulin levels, you’ll need to effectively watch your sugar intake and refined carbohydrate intake. In fact, even healthy foods like fruits can spike your blood sugar if you’re sensitive. Any food that gives you a huge surge of energy and then leaves you hungry and craving carbs later needs to go. This causes insulin to surge and drop, which stores fat in the body and physically wears you out.

Take Care of Your Adrenals
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