7 Tips 📝 for Success 🙏🏼 when Doing a Digital 📱💻 Detox ...


I’ve got the best tips for a digital detox right here.

For a successful digital detox you can’t just think you’ll unplug and that’s it.

Taking the cold turkey approach is doomed to failure because quite simply, most of us can’t function normally without access to our phones, laptops etc.

To be successful and reap the benefits of unplugging, you need the right approach.

Follow these ways to start and stick to a digital detox.

Good luck!

1. Don’t Use Your Job as an Excuse to Not Be Able to Unplug


Sure, there are definitely some people who have jobs that require them to be checking their emails every five minutes, the President of the United States, perhaps, but not necessarily you!

How many times have you used work as an excuse to browse the web or your social media for a while?

This needs to stop if you want a successful detox.2

Set strict rules for yourself on using your devices outside of work hours.

You will be surprised at just how easy it become once you get over the first for days of being without your online hook up at home.

2. Set Boundaries with Your Boss to Achieve as Clear Picture and Demarcation between Work and Home/life


In order to achieve the first goal I mentioned, it is vital that you come to a good and fair understanding with your boss about the kind of life you want to have outside of work.2

A lot of people can get in to a relationship with their bosses that requires them to do a lot more online work at home than they would wish.

Be strong in your stance and make it clear that just because you are going to be spending less time online at home, it doesn’t mean that you are taking your responsibilities in the office any less seriously.

Set Time Limits for Checking and Working Online outside of Work, Particularly for Emails
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