7 Tips to Achieve the Correct Posture to Avoid Back Pain ...


I’ve heard many a time in my life that until you’ve experienced back pain, you can honestly have no idea of how debilitating it can be. That alone makes me want to be certain I do anything I can to avoid it (I’m such a wuss!) I spend 90% of my day hunched over a keyboard, which, along with millions of office workers, puts me at risk of developing back pain simply because of poor posture. I regularly correct my sitting position when I’m working and you should too. These tips will help.

1. Understand What Good Posture is

Good posture means simply keeping your body in alignment. It includes a straight back, squared shoulders, chin up, chest out, stomach in, and feet forward. There are several tips to achieve the correct posture. To correct your posture, look at the side of your body in a mirror. The earlobe should align with the shoulder and the hip. This pose should not hurt. If it does, check to be sure you’re not forcing your back into an unnatural position.

Teach Your Body What Good Posture Feels like
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