7 Tips to Improve Your Posture ...


When was the last time you looked up tips to improve your posture?

Despite being one of the easiest fixes, the posture is generally overlooked in favor of diets, crazy new fitness regimes and slimming clothes – but the results of a good posture can be incredible.

Not only will slouching make you look much bigger than you are, but it can lead to pains and tension in the shoulders, back and neck, and is a known cause of headaches and tiredness.

It’s even blamed for gastrointestinal reflux.


Here’s my top tips to improve your posture!

1. Check It out…

Stand in front of a mirror in your usual standing position.

Don’t go doing any sneaky foot shuffles – you need an accurate impression of your natural posture!2

Then stand up tall, pulling your shoulders and head back.

It’ll probably feel like you are sticking your chest out, but that’s the perfect posture – you’ll typically know you’ve got it right when your palms face your thighs with your thumbs pointing ahead.

If it feels odd, test out these tips to improve your posture to correct it naturally.

Sit up Straight…
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