5 Tips to Winning the Weight Loss Battle...


The scale goes up and the scale goes down;2

we are always in a fight trying to get fit, be healthy, and keep up with our weight loss routine.

But we shouldn't be fighting it, we should learn to love and enjoy exercise and not worry about every little thing we eat.

Today we have guest blogger Jacquie from Online Running Gearto help us with this constant struggle and share her 5 Tips to Winning the Weight Loss Battle...

How to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal...

Who among us hasn’t spent lots of time and money on diet programs and fads?

We end up bouncing from one to another, and it seems that each year there is a new and revolutionary system or celebrity diet that will help us lose all of the weight we want while giving us the ability to eat anything we desire.

Sadly, we have all learned to be skeptical of these claims.2

I spent years trying to lose weight after having my second child.

After the first, I shrank right back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

But when my son came along, I just couldn’t get back to where I used to be.

I went through every diet I could find, and while I would find occasional success, I always ballooned right back to where I used to be.

Finally, after trying a few things a friend suggested, I successfully reached my goal weight.

I would like to share what I learned with you in the hopes that you achieve your weight loss goals, too.

The weight loss tips in this guide will have you on track to hitting your desired goal in no time...

1. Don’t Get Discouraged...

Everyone slips now and then.

You might have a great month, where you lose seven to ten pounds.2

And then, before you know it, you’re up a few pounds again.

Even though you try your best to lose that weight and keep it off, there are still times when things don’t work out.

You’ll eat an extra slice of cake at a birthday party.

You’ll have a bit too much at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

These things happen.

But don’t let the small weight fluctuations get you down.

Don’t get discouraged if you put a bit of weight on, and don’t shun these events, either.

Just get back on track and stay focused on your goals.

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