7 Unique Ways to Stay Cool This Summer ...


Let’s get creative with these unique ways to stay cool this summer! Air conditioning is a godsend but there are some AC alternatives that can help us beat the heat without costing an arm and a leg! If you’re going to be outdoors a lot or just want to find some natural ways to stay cool this summer, take note of these seven unique methods to stay cool as a cucumber!

1. Cool down

Cool down

Think outside the box when it comes to coming up with ways to stay cool this summer! For instance, place a facial mist in the refrigerator so you can have a refreshing midday mist. Or, look for products that have cooling effects, like Neutrogena’s Cooling Sunscreen Mist. You have to wear sunscreen to go out anyway, why not treat yourself to a nice, cool mist to help prepare you for the hot sun?!

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