21 Warning Signs Your Thyroid is out of Whack ...


If youโ€™re feeling low on energy, gaining weight, having joint pain and multiple food allergies, these may be some signs your thyroid is out of whack! Insufficient levels of thyroid hormones such as T3 and T4 can wreak havoc on your skin, your weight, your energy, your mood, and how well you tolerate and digest foods. Several things can cause your thyroid to quit functioning properly, such as eating highly goitrogenic foods, eating too much sugar, eating allergenic foods, eating too many processed foods and inorganic produce and meat. Check out these symptoms to find out if your body is dishing out signs your thyroid is out of whack.

1. Unexplainable Sudden Fatigue

One of the top signs your thyroid is out of whack is debilitating fatigue. It comes on quickly, regularly and often in the earlier parts of the day, such as mid-morning or afternoon, and becomes a regular issue. The thyroid is responsible for providing you with long lasting energy to get through the day, therefore fatigue can be one of the first symptoms showing that something is wrong. If you feel tired after eating, it could be a certain food that is aggravating your thyroid. If the fatigue is constant and persistent for a period over 2 weeks, seek professional health advice, or implement thyroid-supportive foods. You can find more about a thyroid supportive diet in the sources below.

Poor Digestion
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