8 Ways to Burn Calories in Winter ...


While summer is usually the more popular time for engaging in outdoor exercise, there are many ways to burn calories in winter, as well as exercises that sometimes even burn far more calories! Yes, I know it's cold, but the winter months are also some of the most beautiful to experience. So stop giving excuses for why you won't be active again until the snow melts, and get outside! I'll get you started with these 8 ways to burn calories in winter! Keep in mind that these average calorie ranges will vary for each person based on your height, weight, and level of intensity.

1. Snowboarding

250-550 calories per hour

Snowboarding is one of the most fun ways to burn calories in winter! Recreational snowboarding can help you burn anywhere from 250 to 630 calories per hour for a 110-200 lb adult. Obviously there are several variables that will affect the number of calories you burn while snowboarding, including your current weight and how much effort you put in. Also keep in mind that the above calorie averages represent calories burned during an hour of uninterrupted snowboarding. Thus, if you stop to take breaks or wait in line for a chairlift, make sure you don't take that into account when calculating how much time you were actually snowboarding. Otherwise, enjoy the sights of mountain tops and the adrenaline rush you'll get going down it, while also burning calories!

Ice Skating
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