7 Ways to Delay Your Period That Are Worth Trying ...


There are some interesting ways to delay your period. Mother Nature doesnโ€™t always accommodate our schedule; sometimes she even tends to work her magic at the worst possible time, but donโ€™t worry. Although these things will not guarantee any results, there is still no harm in trying. You never know some of these things might work for you! So take a look at 7 ways to delay your period.

1. Increase Your Exercise

I can tell you from personal experience that one of the best ways to delay your period is by using exercise. If you tend to lead more of a sedentary lifestyle, try to squeeze in exercise in your everyday routine and if you are already moving your body on a daily basis, switch up your workout! Weight loss can greatly affect your body and in return postpone your upcoming menstrual cycle!

Use Birth Control Pills
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