7 Ways to Entertain Yourself if You're Stuck on Bed-rest ...


Getting stuck on bed-rest, doctor's orders, can be a huge drag, and finding different ways to entertain yourself can be tricky. There are a lot of reasons why bed-rest is recommended- post op surgery, a complicated pregnancy or perhaps another reason has left you stuck in bed or even on limited activity for the foreseeable future. Listed below are some fun and time-consuming ways to entertain yourself if you're stuck on bed-rest!

1. Fun Magazines

What better time is there to indulge in your favorite magazines? Flip through pages of beauty columns, fashion blogs and celebrity gossip to fill your time. What's better is that there's no guilt in wasting time because you have all the time in the world to waste! As one of the ideal ways to entertain yourself, send your significant other to the store or purchase a couple new magazine subscriptions and get to flipping!

Start a Book Series
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