8 Ways to Fight Depression Naturally ...


Here are a few natural ways to fight depression.

With medical science, itโ€™s great that we have to option to be on meds if necessary.2

But if you only face occasional depression, or if you would like to avoid using medications, there are a few things you can do to kick those blues right out the door!

Depression is real, and it can be hard to deal with.

Choose a couple of these ways to fight depression to try out, and youโ€™ll be feeling better in no time!

1. Increase Your Sleep

One of the easiest ways to fight depression is by getting enough sleep.

Try to increase your sleep by one to two hours per night, and make sure when you go to bed that you can get restful sleep.2

It helps to turn off the TV and make sure the room is dark and quiet.

Sometimes a fan can help drown out noises from neighbors or the street.

2. Eat Healthier

Eating healthy, surprisingly, is one of the key factors for battling depression!

If you tend to eat a lot of sweets or processed foods, the sugar and carbs break down in your blood stream and deplete you of energy, and encourage depression.2

Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid can help battle depression, so add some tuna, spinach, and avocado to your diet!

3. Get Lots of Exercise

Exercise releases feel good hormones called endorphins.

If you make it a habit to exercise 2-3 times per week, you might notice a difference in your depression!2

Even going for a brisk walk will get those hormones to buzzing, so donโ€™t feel like you have to start running marathons or lifting weights.

4. Do Something for Others

Thereโ€™s nothing that will help you climb out of depressive feelings like focusing on someone else for a while!

Do a kind deed for a friend in need, or offer to listen to someone who needs to vent.

Even delivering flowers to a complete stranger in the hospital is something you could do to get your mind off of your problems for a bit!

Try Something New
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