7 Ways to Help a Friend with a Drinking Problem ...


It’s fun to have a drink every now and then, and even though we all think we can handle our alcohol and understand the dangers of overindulgence, what would you do if you were faced with wanting to help a friend with a drinking problem? Would you know how to help? Alcohol can destroy lives. It breaks relationships and changes personalities. It can create money issues and it destroys reputations. If you know your friend is in trouble, or you have an inkling that she’s not only drinking too much but that it has the potential to get out of control, you can do a lot more for her than just trying to get her to have a diet coke rather than a vodka and OJ. If you want to help a friend with a drinking problem, here’s how.

1. Recognise the Problem

The first step to help a friend with a drinking problem is to recognise that they actually have one. You may think your friend is drinking too much, but the key is to understand the difference between enjoying a drink and having a problem with drinking. There are 3 types of drinker: the social drinker; a problem drinker; and an alcoholic, all of which are different. The social drinker does not drink to get drunk, respects people who do not drink, obeys rules which apply to drinking and generally drinks slowly. A problem drinker is someone who drinks to gets drunk, believes that eating before drinking is cheating, changes personality after a few too many and drinks before class or work. An alcoholic spends a great deal of time thinking about drinking and planning the next drink. They keep a bottle of booze handy, deny their habit, drink alone and drink before a stressful situation. Identify which type of drinker your friend is and go from there.

Broaching the Issue
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