7 Ways to Let Go of the past ...


Let’s face it, we all dwell on the past from time to time and need to remember ways to let go of the past. As we continue on in life and experience it to its fullest, it’s only natural that we sometimes cling onto how things used to be. Maybe you find yourself thinking back on a more carefree time, a past failed relationship, or a time before you experienced a death. The key is to make sure our dwelling on the past doesn't affect our current and future lives. That's why it's important to learn these 7 ways to let go of the past.

1. Remember the Bad as Well as the Good

We tend to remember everything as if it was all sunshine and roses. For example, if you ended a relationship with someone in the past, you may begin to think back and remember all the good things about them and wonder why you broke it off. Thus, one of the best ways to let go of the past is to remember the bad as well as the good. When you were in the moment, you knew there was something you didn't like about them that made it easy to move on, but now that time has passed, you don't remember the bad things about them as much. Remind yourself of why a relationship or friendship was bad and why it was best to end it. Always remember that the past was not perfect, even if that's how you think of it now.

Think of the Chain Reaction
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