7 STEPS to Overcome Anxiety for a More Calm and Serene You ...


Sometimes, our fears can really take over our lives but there are some ways to overcome anxiety for a more calm and serene you. Some fears and phobias can affect our everyday lives. For example, I know it might sound silly, but I used to have a fear of driving on motorways. By following some simple steps, I have managed to overcome my anxieties associated with driving on these busy roads. We all have fears, worries, anxieties and phobias as we journey through life and whilst it won't happen overnight, following these simple ways to overcome anxiety may offer a solution.

1. What Are You Afraid of?

One of the first ways to overcome anxiety is to actually establish what it is you're afraid of. The key is to look at the root cause of the anxiety and take 'baby steps' towards overcoming the fear. Think about what the underlying reason for your anxiety may be. Is there a past event associated with it which has caused you to feel this way and what do you actually gain by avoiding it? This will often help establish the root cause and when you look at where the fear or anxiety may have originated, it can help you to rationalise.

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