7 Ways to Prevent Overeating when Drinking Alcohol ...


There are plenty of ways to prevent overeating when drinking alcohol and adult beverages. While many of you fear going out because of all the tempting, high-calorie foods, a night on the town doesn’t need to be a night where all your hard effort and work comes undone. Consuming alcohol can trigger hunger and make you overeat—not to mention that alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories as well. To keep your calories in check and prevent overeating when drinking, follow these seven simple tips.

1. Eat a Solid Meal before You Go Drinking

One of the problems many women face is they fail to eat a substantial meal before they go out drinking. I know you want to look extra slim in that LBD, but it’s also important to eat something before hitting the clubs or bars. If you eat something lean like protein and veggies, you won’t feel bloated before going out. You’ll also be less hungry after a night of drinking. Eating a healthy meal before you go out is a foolproof way to prevent overeating when drinking.

Stick to a Two Drink Max
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