Listen to the Vital Health Messages Your Body is Sending You 📣⚠️ ...


It’s always important to listen to your body. In every change in appearance or a function, there’s a message. It’s not always up to you to decipher the message (that’s what the medical profession is for) but it is vital to acknowledge that the message is being sent. Obviously the signs are different for every individual and taken alone might be completely “normal”, however, it’s always worth getting them checked out. These are some signs good to know:

1. Gray Hair in Your 30s

It is natural to have gray hair in your 50s, but something may not be right if your hair is turning gray before you hit your 40s. It could even be a sign of diabetes if 50% of your hair is already gray in color. This is more likely if diabetes runs in your family. Before you start looking for a hair dye to cover your gray hair, it makes great sense to visit your doctor to rule out the possibility of having diabetes.

Loss of Eyebrows
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