7 Best Workouts for Your Sex Life ...


7 Best Workouts for Your Sex Life ...
7 Best Workouts for Your Sex Life ...

Despite being aware of the benefits of exercise, very few of us have the initiative to drag ourselves to the gym every morning. That’s probably because work outs are mostly about working hard and proverbially having no fun. However, here are a few sexier alternatives to your regular exercise routine that do a lot more than burn calories. Discover the power of these 'sex-citing’ workouts that can do wonders for your sex life…

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Salsa Lessons

A dance that leaves you breathless and sets your heart racing at twice its normal speed even when you are just watching someone else perform has to be a great form of exercise! People of any age, shape, or fitness level can take salsa classes. Better still if you can drag your partner into it and try a few steamy dance moves inside and outside the class.


Pole Dancing

Before you get all morally indignant on me, I am here simply to sell you the virtues of pole dancing as an exciting workout option. After all – pole dancing is hard work and involves hours of strength work and cardio. Besides, pole dancing classes have sprung up all over the world, and public gyms as well as private studios offer classes for all sorts of people – including those that have no experience at all. And…moving your body to sultry tunes is bound to do wonders for your flagging libido as well.


Belly Dancing

Belly dancing, apart from being a really sexy dance form, helps burn up to 350 calories an hour. Another great reason to try it is that you don’t need to worry about being wafer thin to enjoy belly dancing sessions. The whole aim of the dance is to love and cherish your body no matter what shape it might be in. Belly dancing is a great alternative for people who want to do some sexy exercise but not try anything as radical as pole dancing or Cardio striptease. That comes up next.


Cardio Striptease

Before you panic, cardio striptease is less about taking all your clothes off and more about emulating the sexy, feline moves of a stripper. Not too many people warm up to the idea of cardio striptease easily, but those who’ve tried it admit that it’s sexy and fun, not to mention a great workout.


Aerial Acrobatics

Okay, of all the exercises on this list, aerial acrobatics is probably the most difficult. It will take some, well, a lot of getting used to. After all, you are attempting to hang from a ceiling like an ecstatic chimp and perform gravity defying sequences. It will take your breath away in more than one way!


Naked Yoga

Now, yoga is really popular, but raising your bottom high up in the air with not a scrap of clothing on it might be out of a lot of people’s comfort zone. However, the more uninhibited ones among us that have tried it say that the absence of clothes makes yoga a lot more calming and relaxing. Besides, experts believe that yoga postures – whether you do it with your clothes on or off – open up the thighs, hips, and pelvis, allowing for better and deeper orgasms.



You thought Hula-hooping was only for kids? Think again. Swiveling a hoop around your waist makes for a great workout, not to mention a really fun one. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can team hula-hooping with a workout that can help burn up to 250 calories an hour.

Personally, I’d pick salsa lessons and pole dancing to spice up my sex life – provided I can find the moolah to fund it. Which ones would you be willing to try out?

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The idea to do yoga without clothes like! More than a year and do yoga without clothing and in the eyes of men and not tried. Thanks for the idea.

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