7 Activities to Avoid to Live a Healthier Life ...


We have no problem doing unhealthy things when they make our lives more comfortable. However, you don't want to ruin your mind and body out of convenience. You need to do whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy. Here are a few activities to avoid to live a healthier life:

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If you have a good handle on yourself, then feel free to go to wild parties. However, if you know that you'll end up getting pressured into drinking, smoking, and taking substances, you should avoid those types of parties. You don't want to end up depending on something unhealthy like drugs or alcohol. Plus, they can cause you to gain weight, which you wouldn't want.


Web Surfing

There are certain things that we've come to rely on the Internet for. You need to use it to do research for essays, to watch the episodes of a show you missed, and to read articles about world events. Since you need to use it so often, you should close your laptop when you're bored. Don't surf the net, or you'll end up straining your eyes on the screen. Get up and do some exercising instead. Remaining on the computer all day may be fun, but you should avoid spending 24/7 on it unless it's absolutely necessary.


Eating in Front of the TV

Popping a few chips into your mouth isn't as much fun when you're staring at a blank screen. However, if you eat while you're watching a show or movie, you won't realize how much you're consuming. You'll be too distracted by the show to pay attention to what you're eating. If you want your body to stay healthy, you need to watch what you put into your mouth.


Pulling All Nighters

There's no reason to stop your body from sleeping when you know it needs its rest. If you have a big test to study for, staying up all night to look over your notes will do more harm than good. You don't want to be dozing off on your desk, do you? Do yourself a favor and get a decent amount of sleep every night.



You want to be successful, don't you? If you always procrastinate, then you'll end up getting the job you want in ten years instead of in two. There's no reason to procrastinate when you could be be productive right here, right now.



Gossiping may seem harmless, but it can affect your mind in a negative way. If you're always insulting others, you'll become a nastier person. Plus, you'll start believing that the way you act is the way everyone acts, which will make you more insecure about yourself, because you'll assume every whisper you hear is about you.



You want people to love the person you are, not the person you're pretending to be. If you lie about your likes and dislikes, it's only going to make you unhappy at the end of the day. If you lie to get out of trouble, you're going to end up miserable when others find out the truth. If you get away with it, then it'll give you an unhealthy view of the world. To keep a healthy mind, avoid the lies.

There's nothing wrong with doing these activities every once in a while, as long as they don't become habits. Your body deserves better than that. Which unhealthy activity do you partake in the most often?

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Oh well, guess I won't live a healthier life. I do all of those things.

very true!

So true and so nicely written 😊 thank u

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