All You Need to Know about Your Drink Being Spiked ...


All You Need to Know about Your Drink Being Spiked ...
All You Need to Know about Your Drink Being Spiked ...

With universities and colleges starting up their new semesters all over the world, and the clubbing scene in general being hotter than ever, one of the unfortunate and upsetting things that people, women in particular, need to look out for is having their drinks spiked. It is something that you hope never happens to you, and it is something that you don’t ever really expect to happen to you, but if you should ever find yourself in a vulnerable situation, it is better than you already have some information and advice in your mind. Here is what to do if your drink has been spiked.

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For off, it is important to be able to recognise what might happen to your body is your drink gets spiked. When you are familiar with the results that a drug in your beverage might have, you can recognise your situation quicker and make faster choices. The most common symptoms of having something like ketamine or Rohypnol dissolved in to your drink include:

• Lowered inhibitions.
• A loss of balance and lack of mobility.
• Difficulty concentrating and speaking
• Problems with blurry vision
• Memory loss or periods of blackout
• A feeling of confusion and disorientation
• Hallucinations
• Vomiting and nausea
• Unconsciousness

The worst thing about this is that many of these symptoms are the same as when you drink too much alcohol. If however, you experience them early in the evening or when you've only had a couple of drinks, you will know something is wrong.



If you are going out somewhere that is going to be busy and filled with strangers, then you can do these things to take preventative steps.

• Never leave your drink unattended
• Do not accept a drink from someone that you don’t know and trust
• Do not share drinks with strangers, or finish the leftovers of drinks you didn’t buy
• Stick to bottled drinks that you can place your thumb over
• Don’t tell anyone you just met where you live
• If you have any suspicion whatsoever about a drink, then don’t drink it!
• Always tells a friend where you are going before you leave
• Make plans about going home before you even get to the club.



Here is what you should do if you do suspect that your drink has been tampered with.

• Tell a trusted friend or relative as soon as you suspect what has happened. If you wait until later, the effects might be too overpowering.
• Tell the bar manager or a member of staff, and they will be able to assist you and get you to relative safety
• Alert the security if you know who it was that spiked your drink
• Call for medical help
• Call the police.

Stay safe ladies!

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