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Do you wear sweaters in the summer? Are you always under a dozen blankets at night? Then you just might have poor circulation, like a lot of ladies out there. Of course, just like anything else in life, there's a cure for your coldness. Here are a few surefire ways to improve your circulation:

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Exercise More Often

Unfortunately, exercise is the answer to most of life's problems. You need to get up and move around if you want to improve your circulation. If you don't exercise at all, then you should change that. Sitting in one position for the whole day won't do you any favors. If you cringe at the thought of crunches, then all you have to do is take a small walk after your meals. It won't take long, but it'll help your circulation a lot.


Get a Massage

If you have the money to visit a salon, treat yourself to a massage. If you have a loving boyfriend, ask him to give you a massage for free. Either way, the pressure from their touch will move your blood around, which is just what you need.


Eat Garlic and Ginger

Eating healthier can make you fit, make you more energized, and improve your circulation. It's also a good idea to drink more water, and surprisingly, to eat more garlic and ginger. They're all foods that'll improve your circulation.


Take a Hot Bath

Heat helps. The next time you're really cold, either take a hot bath or grab a few hot water bottles to apply to your body. You can even grab empty soda bottles or water bottles, fill them up with steaming water, and then rest them on your body. Whatever is the easiest for you.


Don't Sit in One Spot for Too Long

When you're stuck behind a desk for eight hours a day, it's difficult to get the exercise you need. However, as long as you stretch your legs at least once every hour, you should keep your circulation running smoothly. Make an excuse to run to the bathroom, to make a phone call, or just tell the truth and say that you need to move around a bit before you get back to work. Your boss should understand.


Meditate to Reduce Stress

If you aren't a fan of hardcore exercises, then you can try out some relaxing ones. Do some light stretching, yoga, or meditation. They still come with their challenges, though, so don't expect everything to be easy. But as long as you put on some relaxing music to accompany the activity, the workout session should go by in no time. Even if it doesn't burn many calories, it'll reduce stress, which is always healthy for your body.


Don't Wear Clothing That's Too Tight

Whether you're wearing a thick pair of socks or a thick sweater to stay warm, make sure that the clothing item isn't too tight. If it is, then it'll end up restricting your blood flow and will make your circulation worse, instead of better. Loose fitting clothes are always the best, health wise.

There's nothing worse than constantly being cold. Of course, you can fix the issue by trying out a few of these techniques. What other tips do you have for improving circulation?

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@sandy sorry didn't mean put on meat specifically on your bones but as a general comment

Oh Sharon. It's a funny joke. It means put some meat on your bones. My family says it to me all the time.

I layer when I'm freezing. A couple of cotton long sleeved t-shirts followed by a loose sweater or sweat shirt. And sweat pants if there isn't a social situation to worry about. And get dressed right after a WARM shower so your extremities don't get chilled right away. Wool socks are fabulous! And a pretty scarf around your neck at the office! Silk is so soft and comforting and help keep the heat in!

Good tip Evelynn! :)

@zoe yeah that's the one my feet get really cold in the winter too thankyou for sharing that one

I have found the opposite to be true about wearing warm socks to warm up cold feet. I always sleep with something on my feet and I feel pretty warm.

@ sandy sorry I just didn't see it that way. But do agree with you maybe put on some meat on your bones lol

Eat a sandwich

Some people have too few/too many antibodies which causes the blood vessels to narrow (vasoconstriction) when exposed to cold weather.. Then the hands change colour to either white or blue/purple and feel very numb. This is called Raynaud's syndrome and it is a autoimmune reaction and can't be treated. It may also be a result of stress though. If you experience the issue I'll suggest you have a warmpack in your bag so you can warm the effected area up when needed.

And don't wear fuzzy socks when your feet are cold, get them warm first because the socks are actually isoliting your bodyheat to prevent it to escape. If you wair your fuzzy socks with cold feet, you're isolating the cold and it will take longer for them to warm up. It's weird and i find it unlogical but that's what i experience :/

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