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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Carob ...

By Chelsie

Carob is often used as a substitute for chocolate for people who have chocolate allergies, but aside from being a suitable chocolate substitute there are some great health benefits of carob. Carob is a pod that was originally cultivated in the Eastern Mediterranean. It has a sweet flavor that is very tasty and is similar to chocolate, which makes it a great chocolate substitute. While it is a chocolate substitute, there are many health benefits of carob that make it a great treat to eat even if you don’t have a chocolate allergy.

1 High in Calcium

One of the great health benefits of carob is that it is high in calcium. Just one ounce of carob has 10 percent of your daily value of calcium, which is three times as much as cacao! Calcium is the most abundant nutrient in your body, and it is needed for bone health. Carob’s high calcium content makes getting enough calcium for healthy bones easy and sweet!

2 Stimulant Free

When I drink a smoothie with cacao in it or eat chocolate, I become so buzzed that I literally can’t sleep. This is due to the stimulants in cacao, which include caffeine and theobromine. Both of these stimulants can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, and jitteriness. The stimulants can also overtax your adrenal glands and cause adrenal fatigue, which leaves people feeling excessively tired. Thankfully, carob does not have caffeine or theobromine, so there are not any worries about consuming stimulants that can cause problems.

3 Regulates Blood Sugar

Due to its high fiber content, carob is excellent at regulating blood sugar. One ounce of carob has 11 grams of fiber, which is 45 percent of your daily value. All of that fiber slows down the rate at which sugar enters that blood stream, which is great for people who struggle with regulating their blood sugar.

4 Digestive Health

Carob has high levels of tannins, which are compounds that help keep the digestive system healthy. Tannins are known for relieving diarrhea, and the tannins in carob seem to be especially helpful. A double blind trial found that carob was very helpful for relieving diarrhea in infants. Carob is also useful for promoting regularity because it has a high fiber content. As you can see, carob is great for total digestive health.

5 Antimicrobial

Most people don’t think of eating a tasty treat for its antimicrobial properties, but carob is a food that has antiviral and antibacterial properties. The tannins and gallic acid found in carob can help fight off viruses and bacteria, especially those in the stomach or intestines.

6 Cardiovascular Health

LDL cholesterol is a bad cholesterol that can lead to heart attacks and strokes, and studies have found that carob consumption significantly reduces LDL cholesterol. The lignins, polyphenols, and fiber are what make carob so effective at fighting high cholesterol, and why you should try adding it to your smoothies or baked goods.

7 Healthy Skin and Hair

You might be happy to know that eating carob can actually help improve the health of your skin and hair. The vitamin E in carob prevents skin damage that can lead to wrinkles. It also helps keep your hair healthy and strong. Don't you love that you can eat something as tasty as carob for healthy skin and hair?

Because cacao does make me wired, I had to find an alternative. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty carob is, and I was even happier to discover all of the health benefits. Did you know carob has so many health benefits?

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