8 Basic Rules for Maintaining Your Beautiful Figure ...


8 Basic Rules for Maintaining Your Beautiful Figure ...
8 Basic Rules for Maintaining Your Beautiful Figure ...

´Keep your figure´ might sound a rather antiquated phrase, but it´s something that many women still aspire to. There is no such thing as the perfect body, and it would be foolish to aim for that. But if you´ve got into a healthy shape through diet and exercise, you´ll want to keep your figure that you´ve worked so hard for. Here are some ways to maintain your figure.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a good rule for everyone, and it´s an especially smart rule to follow if you´ve spent a lot of effort in getting into shape. You´re not going to keep your figure if you undo all your good work by indulging in fatty foods! Stick to a healthy eating plan and you´ll help yourself stay in shape.



Exercise is one of the most important ways to keep your figure. There is something to suit every lifestyle and interest. Incorporating regular exercise into your week helps you to stay fit and in shape. Try swimming, dancing, or cycling for a fun form of fitness.


Sensible Calorie Intake

Do remember that it´s important to maintain a sensible calorie intake. That doesn´t just mean not consuming too many calories, it also means consuming enough. Starving yourself of calories won´t mean that you maintain your figure, it will make you look gaunt and unhealthy – as well as deprive you of essential nutrients.


Regular Workouts

If your desired figure is one that is toned, then you´ll need to take regular workouts to maintain it. This takes quite a lot of work, so is only for the truly dedicated. You´ll need to include a variety of exercises in your workout, so that every part of your body gets included.


Eat Enough

As I said above, eating enough is as important as not eating too much. Not everyone is meant to be skinny – in fact, most women don´t fall into the naturally thin category. It´s far more important to be healthy, so if your natural shape is not thin, then make the most of what you were given.

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Eat Only when Hungry

A good way to maintain your figure is to make sure that you only eat when you´re actually hungry. We often eat because we are bored, nervous, or because something looks good. Wait instead until you actually need food, and avoid snacking.


Smaller Portions

Portion control is a sensible way to avoid consuming too much and putting on weight. This doesn´t, of course, mean eating tiny amounts that wouldn´t keep a flea alive. It means not putting huge portions of everything on your plate, which is a sure way to get out of shape!



Above all, be realistic about what your natural shape is. It´s easy to gain weight, and carrying too many pounds isn´t healthy, but don´t try to be something you´re not. If you go against what you´re meant to be, it´s bound to be impossible to maintain that shape.

There are lots of ways to maintain your figure, but it´s very important to be sensible about it. Going to extremes is not sensible and could even make you ill. It certainly won´t look attractive. What do you do to keep your figure – or do you find it just not worth worrying about?

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