7 Best Healthy Eating Blogs ...

By Lauren

7 Best Healthy Eating Blogs ...

Following healthy eating blogs is a great way to get motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle! Not only are they usually packed with information, but they are also absolutely free to read! Plus, most of the bloggers are available to message and ask questions that can help you, being that they are just normal people like you and me! So, to help you get on the right track towards a healthier life, here are 7 of the best healthy eating blogs to read!

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  1. rabbit food for my bunny teeth
  2. undressed skeleton
  3. healthy living maintenance
  4. yummy mummy kitchen
  5. healthy sexy happy
  6. eat yourself skinny
  7. peanut butter fingers

1 Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth is definitely one of the cutest healthy eating blogs around! The blog is run by a 23 year old named Catherine who became passionate about healthy eating after losing 80lbs with diet alone. She asked that you join her as she concocts new recipes, tries out the latest trendy workouts, and searches for the next big super food, all while having fun and staying fashionable! The diet that she follows in her blog is a mainly plant based, nutrient rich, vegetarian diet and she tries to eat mainly whole unprocessed foods.

2 Undressed Skeleton

This blog is definitely one of the best healthy eating blogs for teenagers as it was started up by a teenager! Taralynn McNitt tells her heartbreaking yet encouraging story of how she overcame being overweight and unhappy. Her before and after pictures are also incredible and a great incentive to lose weight! She posts healthy recipes and tips daily as well as posting a bunch of advice! Taralynn has a very dedicated fan base and I am definitely one of them!

3 Healthy Living Maintenance

Just like the last blog, Anna tells the story of how she lost weight by switching to a healthy lifestyle. She has all different healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on her blog. She also has a mock grocery list for what you should buy the next time you go shopping. She basically shows everything that worked for her in her weight loss in the hopes that it will help others as well!

4 Yummy Mummy Kitchen

After starting her own family, Marina became very passionate about cooking. She decided that cooking homemade meals for her family was a big priority and that she needed to create healthy dishes that were both easy and beautiful. Whether or not you have a family of your own, you will appreciate Marina's recipes!

5 Healthy Sexy Happy

This blog is more of a motivational website but it has many healthy tips and tricks from around Tumblr. This blog is all about healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, fitness and positive energy. At the top of the blog, there is a lot of handy information such as research related to all different types healthy diets. It's definitely a must to have on your Tumblr feed!

6 Eat Yourself Skinny

Kelly is a fun and bubbly blogger who has a passion for cooking and a desire to make eating healthy fun! Her recipes include gorgeous photos as well as nutritional information. Her blog has even been featured in a bunch of cooking and fitness magazines. This is definitely a blog you need to follow as its bright colors and vibrant images will make you want healthy food all the time!

7 Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie started Peanut Butter Fingers in 2009 as a way to share her recipes and tips, and it quickly grew to include her healthy living tricks and workout routines, too. She currently posts three times a day and even posts updates of the adventures she shares with her husband and adorable dog. She has the answers to a bunch of questions, has tons of recipes and workouts, and even has some wedding and fashion advice. Her blog has even been featured in Shape magazine!

Blogs are an amazing way to learn new recipes, workout routines, and tips for healthy living! An even better idea if you're feeling creative, is to make your own blog! It's a great way to get support from others while also having a fun way to track your progress. What are some of your favorite healthy eating blogs?

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