Best Tips for Staying Healthy during Holiday Season ...


Best Tips for Staying Healthy during Holiday Season ...
Best Tips for Staying Healthy during Holiday Season ...

With all of the festive temptations and seasonal spirit, it is fair to say that the holiday season at the end of the year is a time where you are most likely to be super unhealthy, sometimes without even realising it! You go back home, you slip in to old habits, you treat yourself, you go to lots more parties than usual, it’s easy to see where people might slip and make health and fitness mistakes! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can still have a great time without denting your progress. Here are some of the best tips for staying healthy during holiday season.

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Healthy Meals

There is no getting away from the fact that most holiday foods are calorific, but outside of the big Christmas Day meal, make a conscious effort to be more healthy with your food choices to make up for it. Of course, you should feel free to pig out on the big day, but some people tend to stretch that day out to two or three weeks which is never going to be good for your nutrition overall!



We focus on the food at Christmas and forget all about hydration. There is lots of mulled wine, eggnog and assorted sugary beverages to enjoy, but you also need to make sure that you are still getting your eight glasses of water in every single day. Also, drinking that much water will help to curb your appetite for unhealthy festive snacking.



Your body clock can go all out of whack when you are off school and work for Christmas, but one thing you should always remember to do is eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and it can provide you with the energy and sustenance you need to make healthier choices for the rest of the day.



The instinctive reaction to holiday season is to spend as much of it as you can on the couch, but it really pays to keep exercising in some way over Christmas. Morning jogs in the brisk weather can feel really good, or even just some nice long walks outdoors when you start to get sick of your family!


After Meal Snacks

Christmas meals are heavy and calorific enough on their own, so you don’t need to be adding anything on top of them by snacking late at night. There are always going to be those special temptations around the holidays, but try to stay strong and just enjoy the main meals.

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