7 Best Workout Recovery Drinks to Refresh and Re-energize ...

After an intense day at the gym, it’s important to know your options for the best workout recovery drinks. Your body goes through a lot of wear and tear during a powerful workout and it’s important to repair it before any serious damage is done. But, with so many products available, it’s hard to know what’s good for you. Here are the seven best workout recovery drinks that will replenish, hydrate and repair your body post workout.

1. 1% Chocolate Milk

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Surprised? Chocolate milk is actually one of the best workout recovery drinks to be had! Why? Chocolate milk can help to replenish muscles even faster than water because of the perfect amount of carbohydrates and proteins it contains. Also, the sugar helps your body to digest the protein from the milk even faster after a hard-core muscle building session. That same sugar gives the body a boost in insulin after an extraneous workout too!

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