Boost Your Health by Adopting These Resolutions ...

Eliza Martinez

Boost Your Health by Adopting These Resolutions  ...

With the New Year comes new resolutions, right? It's a time of getting a fresh start and making over your lifestyle so that it can be as healthy and fabulous as possible. Wondering what kinds of things you can be doing this year? Here's a great list of **New Year's health resolutions **that will help you look and feel great in 2018.

1 Make Time for Exercise

human action, fitness professional, sports, physical fitness, muscle, If you haven't started making exercise a regular part of your routine, now is the time. Exercise wards of weight gain and helps prevent a whole bunch of health issues. Aim for 30 minutes each day.

2 Quit Smoking

hair, person, blond, screenshot, Don't, You probably know by now that smoking can kill you. Make this the year you talk to your doctor and take steps to quit, once and for all.

3 Make Time to Volunteer

face, hair, person, woman, black hair, Of course, volunteering helps those you work for, but studies show that it can also improve your mood and outlook on life. It just feels good to help, so start today.

4 Give Yourself a Chance to Splurge

screenshot, Research shows that allowing yourself a splurge now and then reduces the risk of a total pig out. So enjoy one brownie and then get back on track without the guilt.

5 Start Cooking for Yourself

meal, room, ill, lie, There's no doubt that preparing your own meals is healthier. You can control the ingredients and choose items that target your specific health goals this year.

6 Reduce Stress

weather, snow, mouth, It's, hard, This is easier said than done, I know. Use relaxation techniques to help you cut stress, which improves mood and health.

7 Skip the Latest Fad Diets

facial hair, Just, exercise, more, and, Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the latest diet craze, go with the proven method of eating better and getting more exercise.

8 Sleep More

human action, person, mouth, leg, interaction, Skimping on sleep can affect your weight, mood and overall health, so make sure that 2018 is the year you start getting the recommended seven to nine hours every night.

9 Forget the Gym if You Hate It

people, mud, walking, aig, BERRYHEA, There's no rule that says going to the gym is the only way to get in shape. Running in your neighborhood, going on a hike or bike ride or taking a dance class with your bestie all work too.

10 Give Yourself a Tech Break

MOTE, Staring at a screen can impact your weight and it's not good for your neck, eyes or joints either. Schedule a block of time each day to unplug and 2018 will be your best year ever.

11 Plan a Trip

organ, hand, Travel gives you the chance to refresh and catch your breath. It's a great way to destress too. Where will you go in 2018?

12 Get Rid of Stuff

, Being surrounded by clutter can really do a number on your mood and stress levels, which in turn can negatively impact your health. Resolve to clear out the junk this year.

13 Overhaul Your Finances

person, art, speech, aMCI, GIFULMINATION.COM, Money troubles are stressful and can eat away at your general well being. Make this the year you get things under control for the sake of your health.

14 Cut Back on Drinking

photography, beauty, fashion, model, PLL, Not water though! Cut back on the booze this year and you slash your risk of weight gain and cancer. Plus, you'll be more clear headed and happy too.

15 Boost Your Calcium Intake

sense, Your bones need calcium to stay strong and healthy. Bone density starts to wane as you get older so keep your skeleton in tip-top shape by drinking more milk and eating cheese, yogurt and leafy green veggies.

16 Lose Those Stubborn Pounds

person, people, crowd, audience, interaction, Whether you have an extra 5 or 50 pounds hanging on, dropping them is important in 2018. Carrying around to much weight leads to heart disease, joint issues, diabetes and cancer.

17 Get Your Health Checked

person, man, male, muscle, Weight?, No matter your age, there are some important tests that can help your doctor assess your health. Examples include a breast and pelvic exam, a pap smear, a cholesterol screening, a mole check and a basic blood panel.

What's your health resolution this year?