7 Convincing Reasons to Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk ...


7 Convincing Reasons to Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk ...
7 Convincing Reasons to Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk ...

Have you ever thought about the reasons to not eat lunch at your desk? I know it’s tempting to pack a lunch and eat at your desk to get work done, but there are some surprising and convincing reasons not to! There’s a reason why your lunch is called a lunch break, so take a look at the seven compelling reasons to not eat lunch at your desk - and go out for a change!

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It’s Dirty

For me, one of the best reasons to not eat lunch at your desk is that it’s not very clean! Even if you’re not the type to have a dirty desk, studies show that your desktop and equipment are some of the dirtiest around! Your mouse, keyboard, phone, computer monitor and even the elevator button are filled with germs! Take your lunch outside, to the cafeteria or to a café so you’re in a cleaner environment.


Give Yourself a Break

Another reason you shouldn’t eat lunch at your desk is to give yourself a break! Your back, neck, eyes and brain can all use some time away from the computer monitor and chair. You might think you’ll catch up or get ahead of the game if you work through lunch, but taking the break can actually make you more productive by clearing your mind, relieving eyestrain and physical tension!


Be Social

Taking your lunch break also allows you the opportunity to get to know your co-workers. Even if you don’t feel comfortable inviting co-workers out for a meal, if you eat with them in the break room you can get to know people you normally don’t come in contact with, and you might even bond over your bag lunch! Turn your short lunch hour into social hour instead of slaving away alone at your desk!


Keep It Clean

Aside from your workspace already being filled with germs, you don’t want to make the area even dirtier, right?! You won’t be the most popular person with the IT department if your keyboard doesn’t work because it has food stuck in it, and you can appear messy to co-workers if you have food stains on your desk. There’s nothing wrong with snacking at your desk, but if you’re eating a full meal, just be sure to keep it clean!


You Might Take in More Calories

To make matters worse, eating lunch at your desk might actually cause you to take in more calories! You know how when eat in front of the TV you can actually end up eating more and taking in more calories and food? It’s the same concept. If you have to eat at your desk, take the time to stop and eat without working so you can concentrate on eating.


Get up and Get Going

Another reason eating lunch at your desk isn’t a great idea is that you’re spending more time sitting down. Take a walk outdoors to get your blood flowing and heart pumping again; this will not only help you feel better but it can also help clear your head so you’re more productive and you improve your performance on that project you’re anxious to finish!


Increase Your Energy

Eating lunch at your desk might seem like it’s smart, productive and a great time-saver but it can end up sapping your energy and increasing stress! We all need time to recharge whether we just need a change of scenery or a conversation with a friend. Make the most of your break times by leaving your desk or even better, leave the office and do something pleasurable. Meet up with a friend for lunch, walk to a coffee shop you like or window shop!

I learned from experience that eating lunch at your desk isn’t always smart. I ended being more stressed and I didn’t even get that much more work done like I thought I would. Take advantage of your breaks and give your mind and body time to recharge so you can go back into work with a fresh outlook. How do you like to spend your lunch breaks?

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This is one of the reasons why i am quitting my job: i never get to eat lunch away from my desk. It was always a working lunch for me. Not healthy!

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