Curious about the Girls? Check out These 30 Infographics about Breasts ...

By Jennifer

Curious about the Girls? Check out These 30 Infographics about Breasts ...

I discovered something shocking about The Girls: almost all of the information about them in the form of an infographic deals with one of two things: breast cancer (terrible) and breast-feeding (terrific). But there's so much more to know! I've scoured the web and put together a list of all kinds of breast infographics, and natch, most are about the Two Big Topics, but there are a few other interesting tidbits. Let's learn more about the girls, shall we? To see an image larger, just give it a tap.

1 Breast Cancer Awareness by the Numbers

Breast Cancer Awareness by the Numbers Source: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013

2 Breast Augmentation 101

Breast Augmentation 101 Source: Manhattan Breast Augmentation, Long Island

3 12 Facts about Breastfeeding

12 Facts about Breastfeeding Source: The Big Benefits of Breastfeeding

4 Buying a Bra?

Buying a Bra? Source: Buying A Bra

5 Breast Implant Options

Breast Implant Options Source: Tuberous Breast Correction | Fix

6 A Mommy’s Guide on Breastfeeding

A Mommy’s Guide on Breastfeeding Source:

7 Breast Implants... Interesting!

Breast Implants... Interesting! Source: Portfolio of the Week

8 Breastfeeding Facts

Breastfeeding Facts Source: Breastfeeding Facts - HelpingMama

9 More Implant Info

More Implant Info Source: An Eye-opening infographic on breast

10 Top 10 Toxins

Top 10 Toxins Source: Top 10 Breast Cancer Toxins

11 Would You Eat Here?

Would You Eat Here? Source: What You're Really Saying When

12 5 Ways to Fight

5 Ways to Fight Source: Five Ways to Fight Breast

13 Storage Capacity - Wow!

Storage Capacity - Wow! Source: Are You Watching The Clock

14 Breast Exam Ever!

Breast Exam Ever! Source: Breast Exam Ever
I love this one!

15 State Breastfeeding Laws

State Breastfeeding Laws Source: Breastfeeding Laws Broken Down by

16 Breastfeeding in America

Breastfeeding in America Source: Pump 'em If You Got

17 Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention Source: 10 ways to prevent Breast

18 Bra Sizing Guide

Bra Sizing Guide Source: The Lingerie Journal Bra Fitting

19 Mammogram Myths

Mammogram Myths Source: 4 Mammography Myths

20 Save Your Life in the Shower?

Save Your Life in the Shower? Source: How to Do a Breast

21 Plastic Surgery Infographic

Plastic Surgery Infographic Source: Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

22 Alcohol and Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Alcohol and Increased Breast Cancer Risk Source: Alcohol and Increased Breast Cancer

23 Are You at Risk?

Are You at Risk? Source:

24 A Little More Info

A Little More Info Source: Why Komen's Decision to Pull

25 History of the Bra

History of the Bra Source: History of the Over-the-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder

26 Every Breast Cancer is Different

Every Breast Cancer is Different Source: Types of Breast Cancer: Noninvasive


BREAST SCREENING Source: The 2012 breast screening review

28 Breaking down Breast Cancer

Breaking down Breast Cancer Source: Breaking Down Breast Cancer: A

29 Breast Cancer 101

Breast Cancer 101 Source: Breast cancer awareness [infographic]

30 When to Worry

When to Worry Source: Breast Cancer: When to Worry

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Very interesting...I would have loved to see an infographic about breast reduction.

I would' ve loved to see pictures of the bras across history.

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