7 Current Health Studies You Should Know about ...


7 Current Health Studies You Should Know about ...
7 Current Health Studies You Should Know about ...

Do you like reading about current health studies? I find it interesting to read about what different research groups have been working on to improve our health with new techniques and medication. Here are a few things you should know in current health studies. There are always new and interesting studies being done. Here’s a look at some of the current health studies for summer 2013.

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Moon and Sleep

Scientist of the University of Basel in Switzerland tested the theory that the cycles of the moon can play a part in how well we sleep. Their study showed that during a full moon, brain activity related to deep sleep dropped by 30%. You can read more about this and other current health studies through Current Biology.


Gym Germs

Last month HealthDay News reported that a group of researchers from the University of California, Irvine studied how easily MRSA can be transmitted by basketballs and volleyballs at the gym. The study showed that MRSA was still active on the balls even after being stored for 72 hours.This study makes me think twice about playing a game of drop in at the gym.


Breakfast and Heart Disease

Another report from HealthDay tells us that a study done at Harvard shows us that men who skip breakfast are more likely to suffer from heart disease. It seems men who don’t eat breakfast upon waking are more likely to eat a high-calorie meal later in the day, causing strain on the heart. It's not just important for men to eat breakfast, women should too. I'm sure a study with women would find similar results.


Red Meat and Colon Cancer

A study done by the American Cancer Society in Atlanta says that, “People who report eating the most red and processed meat before being diagnosed with colon cancer are more likely to die during the next eight years." The findings suggest we reduce red and processed meat consumption, but it does not need to be completely eliminated from your diet. It was also not clearly stated that eating red and processed meat causes colon cancer.


Human Liver from Stem Cells

The Yokohama City University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan was able to create a human liver from stem cells. The team of researchers was able to transplant the livers into mice and see successful results. The researchers feel this study shows potential for an alternative approach to human organ transplant.


Visual Recall and Gamers

A study done by Duke University School of Medicine found that video gamers had a quicker visual recall speed than non-gamers. Across the board, gamers performed better against the others. More studies are needed to find out exactly why gamers have this advantage. Maybe playing video games has some benefits.


Exercise Creates Good Fat?

That’s right. Studies by the American Diabetes Association and the National Institutes of Health found that when they train, the subcutaneous fat becomes browner and more metabolically active in mice. The study shows that the browner fat has an increased glucose uptake, improved body composition, decreased mass, and increased insulin sensitivity in the mice.

I hope you have found these current health studies interesting and informative. Have you read any new health information that you would like to share?

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