Daily Habits to Keep if You Want to Be Healthy ...


Daily Habits to Keep if You Want to Be Healthy ...
Daily Habits to Keep if You Want to Be Healthy ...

It’s hard when you’re trying to be healthy to actually know where to start, so I wanted to give you some inspiration so you can get things going soon

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Wake up Early

It’s all about the mindset, you’ve probably heard that already but it’s true. Everything is in your head, so weather you want to change a habit or create one or eliminate one, the way you think is going to determine that. But you need time to create that mindset! It’s not so easy because it forces you in a way to think differently and to change your point of view on some things.

So to do. Something I often do is wake up earlier to give myself time to think, meditate, stretch, exercise etc, so that way the first thought on my mind is an inspiring one that I can follow throughout the day. It’s a way for me to choose what I want and how I want to think; it lets me be in control of who I am but most importantly who I want to be, what goals I want to reach.


Listen to Podcasts

While getting dresses, having breakfast, cooking, or even walking to school/work, go to the TED YouTube channel and listen to some inspiring podcasts. It’s a way to maintain that motivation and it gives you even more arguments to change that habit of yours.


Drink Lemon Water

Besides adding freshness first thing in the morning, it has so many benefits you can’t ignore; so many benefits like vitamins and detoxification. It sets a positive note, I would really recommend doing it!


Eat Breakfast if You’re Hungry

This is something I swear by ; it’s a way to practice listening to your body; if you wake up one morning and you’re just not hungry, don’t eat! There’s a reason you’re not hungry and maybe it’s your body telling you she’s working on some other things and it’s not time for food to interfere ; respect that!


Stop Eating when You’re Full

Now I don’t want this point to sound like an order or a rule to live by; see it more like a choice. You’ve been given a body to take care of, to nourish, it’s a privilege! Why would you throw that away? To get over overeating try to concentrate on making your meals pretty, seeing cooking as an art. That way your approach to eating is completely different; you see it as a privilege, a hobby you want to develop, and you certainly don’t want that hobby to be something you’re not proud of. The beauty of seeing it this way is that even if you are eating something unhealthy, like dessert or something, you’re doing it by choice; there’s no guilt, everything you do is by pure pleasure, you know you need it biologically or you want it, but in any case tomorrow you won’t regret it. So this approach is giving you liberty to eat what you want by being in charge of your choices.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Eat Healthy Light Meals

Fuel your body correctly and don’t harm it by adding in too much at once. It’ll cause digestion problems and issues in the long term. There are so many great soups/salads/curries to taste and they’re worth it!


Take Time for Everything

If you have a busy day and lots of things to do, the key here is to be productive. Take each thing, one at a time, and focus on accomplishing that task by focusing on it seriously for the amount of time you’ve given yourself; don’t let any distractions get in your way. You’ll feel much better and suddenly more motivated to do the rest because you’ll realise how easy it actually is.


Make an Effort Getting Dressed

See the beauty in taking care of dressing the way you love; develop this fashion sense in you that make you unique and makes you wear those pants or that shirt you once bought but never dared to wear. Don’t be afraid in embracing and giving your body some value! It’s so important because it makes you gain confidence and concentrate on a form of art and creativity outside your main occupations like studies or work.

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