17 Diet and Exercise Hacks All Healthy Students Know ...

By Neecey

Why should you be healthy in college? Don’t you have enough to cope with juggling a schedule of classes, assignments, maybe a part-time job as well as socializing? You’re at college as an investment in your career and success but looking after your health is an investment in your future too. Make time to be a healthy student as well as one who gets good grades.

1 Good Breakfast

Good Breakfast Eating a healthy and filling breakfast is the key to having a successful healthy day. Something like avocado toast is perfect because it is satisfying on a taste level, filling, and gives you the perfect amount of carb based energy to get you through to lunch time without snacking.

2 Veggies

Veggies It’s not rocket science. The more vegetables you include in your diet, the healthier you are going to be! The classic recommendation is for five a day, but recent experts have stated that it really should be more like seven or eight a day!

3 Avoid Pills

Avoid Pills A lot of students see various vitamin pills as a way of getting out of keeping up a healthy diet, but the truth is that you just do not get the same amount of goodness out of a pill as you do real fruit and vegetables. Don’t be fooled.

4 Water

Water It is absolutely essential that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. The recommended eight glasses per day is the perfect amount to keep you at your best on the inside.

5 Less Meat and Dairy

Less Meat and Dairy I am by no means saying we should all become vegan, but making an effort to reduce your weekly meat and dairy consumption can make a big difference in the long run for things like metabolism, digestion and heart health. And it saves money too.

6 Sugar Watch

Sugar Watch Always be wary of how much sugar you are putting in to your body every day. Even just a single can of soda can contain more sugar than you should have for a two or three day stretch!

7 Walk to Class

Walk to Class If you are studying at a campus college or even live close by to your community college, then avoid driving or taking public transport in favor or walking or cycling. It’s a simple way to add to your daily exercise.

8 Sit on the Floor

Sit on the Floor A simple thing you can do is sit on the floor more often rather than slouching on a couch. This simple change can help to improve your posture and even help to burn more calories.

9 Stretch before Bed

Stretch before Bed Get in to a routine of doing some stretching exercises before bed. It’s not going to give you an immediate six pack but it will give your body that little bit extra workout in the day and can help to increase your metabolism. And it relaxes you ready for sleep.

10 Park Further Away

Park Further Away Get in to the habit of parking a block or two away from your final destination so that you still have to do a bit of walking to arrive there.

11 Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights This tip might be a little ‘out there’, but some people are 100% committed to the act of wearing ankle weights underneath their jeans so that even a simple walk turns in to a more extensive workout session!

12 Video Inspiration

Video Inspiration Gone are the days when you had to buy a Jane Fonda video tape to get some work out instruction. Nowadays there is a whole universe of exercise help on YouTube, all for free!

13 Squats

Squats Squats are a quick and effective form of exercise, and many health gurus recommend doing fifty every night before bed for some fast and visible results.

14 Gym

Gym Lots of colleges offer reduced price or even free access to campus gyms for students. Make the most of these offers before the real world hits you and you have to start paying full price for everything!

15 Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes Sometimes it takes the presence of others to really motivate you to work out, so the best answer to this is to sign up for any group classes that you think you might enjoy.

16 Sleep

Sleep Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for your overall health; both mental and physical. Your body needs suitable rest if it is going to respond positively to work out attempts.

17 Be Organized

Be Organized Having a confident grasp on all areas of your life from education scheduling to room/home tidiness is the perfect environment for you to then be able to focus on extra things like maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough exercise.

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