Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer for Girls Who Are Just Hot ...


Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer for Girls Who Are Just Hot ...
Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer for Girls Who Are Just Hot ...

It's hot outside right now and if you're anything like me, you're probably trying to find ways to stay cool in summer. You don't have to hide out in the house by the air conditioner because there are lots of ways to beat the heat. Of course, hanging out inside is one of them, but when you're tired of that, try any of these ways of cooling off and you'll love summertime that much more.

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Go Ice Skating

blue, snapshot, fun, interaction, phenomenon, Yes, you read that right. Many city recreation centers have an ice rink year round. You can join a hockey team or simply go circle the ice during free skate time. Either way, you'll cool down almost instantly and have some fun while doing it.


Enjoy Frozen Fruit

drink, non alcoholic beverage, caipirinha, cocktail, cocktail garnish, Ice cream might sound like the perfect treat on a hot summer day, but digesting the dairy and fats will heat your body back up. Instead, nibble on frozen fresh fruit like grapes, watermelon or strawberries. You'll feel cooled off without all that heavy stuff in your stomach.


Put Your Bedding in the Freezer

, Extreme? Maybe. But it's also super effective. Strip the sheets off your bed and toss them in the freezer for a few hours before bed. When you slip between them tonight, you'll be nice and cool for hours.


Hike in the Mountains

wilderness, ecosystem, nature reserve, ridge, path, This might sound like a sure fire way to be even hotter, but the truth is that the higher you go, the cooler it is. So heading up into the mountains can be just what you've been looking for. Pack a picnic, a water bottle and your book and you can revel in the cool temps until the sun goes down and you have to go home.


Go to the Lake

leisure, recreation, sitting, vacation, friendship, Hanging out near water is always a great way to cool off. Not only can you get wet to feel better, but the air is naturally cooler near the water. No lake near you? A river or waterfall works just as well. Just try to stay in the shade for the best results.


Put a Cool Towel around Your Neck

human hair color, shoulder, muscle, leg, mouth, You'll be amazed at how great this works. Simply wet a towel and place it the freezer until it's icy cold. Then wear it around your neck to stay cool for quite a while. This is perfect for a summer barbecue, a day out in the garden or any other time you don't want to overheat.


Wash the Car

photograph, mode of transport, photography, water, leisure, Not only will you have a clean car when it's all said and done, but you can get all wet and cool down in the heat of the summer. This is a really fun way to get the kids involved and keep everyone from getting overheated on a hot summer day.


Eat Something Juicy

melon, eating, food, cucumber gourd and melon family, watermelon, Whether it's a tomato from the garden or a big wedge of watermelon from the fridge, juicy foods quench your thirst and make you feel cooler. Of course, a big glass of water will do the same thing. Either way, you'll feel better in no time at all.


See a Movie

eyewear, glasses, event, vision care, midnight, It's no secret that movie theaters are often frigid so when the heat gets to be too much, buy some tickets and settle down for a couple of hours in the cool darkness of the movie theater. The mall is another great air conditioned place to beat the summer heat.

What do you do when you get hot in the summer?

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