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Summer Tips for Swimming on Your Period ...

By Holly

You don't have to turn down invitations to pool parties, just because you're on your period. While it's a bit scary to hop into the water during that time of the month, you won't end up turning the water red, as long as you take the proper precautions. If you can't wait a week to jump into the pool, here are a few tips for swimming on your period:

1 Wear a Tampon

It's necessary for you to wear a tampon if you're going to hop into the pool on your period. You can't use a pad instead, because the water could end up ruining it or making it fall off of your suit. A tampon, however, will keep you protected and won't be noticeable at all. Once you get used to wearing them around, you won't even feel them inside of you and will be able to move around with ease.

2 Wear a Dark Colored Suit

If you're nervous about an accident occurring, it helps to wear a dark colored swimsuit. That way, even if blood somehow gets onto your bottoms, it won't be visible on the dark fabric.

3 Wear Bigger Bottoms

If you're worried about someone noticing your tampon string, it helps to have a bottom that isn't too tiny. After all, you don't need to wear a teeny weeny bikini in order to look attractive. You can look just as amazing in boy shorts or a suit with a skirt attached.

4 Wear a One-Piece

It's not at all necessary to wear a one-piece when you're on your period, but you might feel more comfortable in one. During that time of the month, it's normal to feel bloated, and a one-piece will cover your stomach so you don't feel self-conscious the entire time you're out.

5 Bring along a Cover up

If you end up getting blood on your suit or your leg, all you have to do is wrap a cover up around your waist. Keep it in your beach bag and no one will question you when you put it on. Claim that you're using it to dry off or to get protection from the sun.

6 Change Your Tampon before Entering the Water

It's important for you to change your tampon frequently, so you might as well insert a new one right before you go into the water. Make sure you use the bathroom as well, so you don't have any problems once you hit the water.

7 Don't Swim if You're Uncomfortable

You can go to the beach with your friends, but spend the entire time sunbathing or talking to the cute lifeguards you see. Even though it's perfectly fine for you to swim on your period, that doesn't mean you have to do it. If you're uncomfortable with the idea, or want to use it as an excuse to get out of a party you didn't want to go to anyway, then that's fine too. Don't push yourself to do anything you're uncomfortable with.

Mother Nature can't ruin your summer unless you let her. If you follow these tips, you'll never have to turn down a fun beach day with your girls again! What other tips do you have for ladies who want to swim during that time of the month?

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