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What to do on Your Period when You Forget Your Tampons ...

By Holly

Our periods aren't always as timely as we'd like them to be. They can strike at the worst moments, like when we're at a party or in school. That's why you should always be prepared for the worst. Of course, if you've forgotten to pack emergency pads and tampons in your bag, here are a few things you can do to fix the situation:

1 Create a Pad with Toilet Paper

No matter where you are, there's going to be a bathroom with plenty of toilet paper inside. That's why you should gather up some of it in order to create a makeshift pad. It'll be difficult to keep your underwear completely covered, because the toilet paper might shift when you move around throughout the day, but it's better than wearing nothing at all.

2 Ask a Stranger for a Tampon

This is the best option you have. When you enter a restroom, ask the first woman you see for a pad or tampon. It doesn't matter if you know her, because she'll understand the situation and will want to help. Trust me, the favor is not nearly as embarrassing as it sounds. Most women end up in the same situation sooner or later, so they won't judge you.

3 Tie a Jacket around Your Waist

If blood has already soaked through your jeans, you need a way to cover up the evidence. If you have a jacket with you or an extra layer of clothing over your shirt, tie it around your waist. It'll just look like you're hot, or like you're trying to make a fashion statement.

4 Visit the School Nurse

If you're at school, you can visit the nurse to ask for pads or tampons. If you're at a movie theater, you can ask a worker if they keep any extras laying around. Most places will have them hidden somewhere, so it can't hurt to ask. Just make sure you ask a woman, because some men are clueless when it comes to menstruation time.

5 Buy Tampons from a Machine

You might not have tampons on you, but you should have some change. There are plenty of bathrooms that have machines that dispense sanitary items. Even if you don't have change, you might feel more comfortable asking other woman for money instead of for an actual pad.

6 Place Gauze under Toilet Paper

This is an enhancement to the "toilet paper pad" idea. Instead of just layering your underwear with toilet paper, try to find some gauze or even a sock to stick on your underwear, and then wrap the toilet paper around it. It'll give you the extra coverage that you need.

7 Phone a Friend for Help

When all else fails, you can ask a friend to head to the store to buy you the feminine products you need. If you're in high school, you could also try changing into the gym clothes you keep in your locker if you've already ruined your regular clothes.

You should always keep pads and tampons in your purse, just in case your period arrives unexpectedly. However, even the best of us forget to pack the essentials, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about. What other suggestions do you have for women who have forgotten their pads and tampons on their period?

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