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7 Essential Beach Safety Tips ...

By Jennifer

Whether you’re a frequent beach-goer, or you only occasionally visit the sandy shores, before you go to the beach again, you need to brush on up your beach safety. And I can help! Here are 7 essential beach safety tips, as told to me by a few of my lifeguard friends. So stow your beach bag, grab 50 Shades of Grey (for light reading), and let’s go!

1 Never Go Alone

There’s safety in numbers, especially at the beach. A lone girl is a target for predators (the skeevy guy kind, not the shark kind) and anyone alone is at greater risk of drowning. Always go to the beach with a friend or two… besides the beach safety, it’s also a lot more fun!

2 Wear Sunblock

Did you know the leading cause of cancer deaths among young women is melanoma, a form of skin cancer? What’s really tragic is that most of these deadly melanomas are caused by unprotected sun exposure. This beach safety tip may save your life: wear sunblock! Choose a broad-spectrum SPF 30 (or more) and be sure to reapply at least every two hours.

3 Stay Hydrated

It’s funny, but this beach safety tip is almost ironic, considering how close you are to the water… but don’t forget to stay hydrated! Carbonated sodas won’t help much, so be sure to bring bottled water or all-natural mixed fruit juices to keep you hydrated and happy.

4 Trust Your Instincts

That guy who’s been staring at you and your friends is really starting to creep you out, but you don’t want to seem rude by telling him to get lost when he approaches. Girl, do it! Trust your instincts — if anyone’s giving you the creeps, get away from him right away… and if he won’t leave you alone, well, that’s what beach security is for!

5 Bring a Change of Clothes

If there’s one thing more annoying than sandy cheeks (pun intended), it’s an itchy yeast infection caused by staying in a wet swimsuit too long. Be sure to adhere to this beach safety tip to avoid the annoyance: bring a change of dry clothes, and change as soon as you’re done swimming and rinsing off.

6 Watch the Weather

Especially by the water, the weather can change quickly from blue skies to storm clouds. Watch the weather, and if there’s lightning, head back to the car. If you can’t make it back to the car, at least stay away from trees, and stay out of the water!

7 Be Prepared

Do you have a first-aid kit in your car? If not, get one, and being it to the beach. This is one beach safety tip we really don’t think about until someone’s stepped on a piece of glass and needs a bandage, so be prepared ahead of time.

Now that you’ve read my beach safety tips, do you feel more than ready for a day of surf and sand? I hope so! Which of these tips did you find the most surprising? Or did you already know (and follow) all of these? Do tell!

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