7 Essential Health Tips from Top Models ...

I’m always curious to read about how models take care of themselves, so I searched around for some useful health tips from top models. For many years, models weren’t exactly considered to be the prototype of good health, but these days, that’s certainly not the case. Many of the world’s top models are living very health conscious lives and they’ve got the gorgeous skin and amazing bodies to prove it! So, if you’ve ever wondered how top models stay healthy, gorgeous and keep a cool head even with all the chaos going on around them, keep reading for health tips from top models!

1. Miranda Kerr

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Let’s start off this list of health tips from top models with the stunning Miranda Kerr. In case you didn’t know, Miranda has her own line of organic skin care products, which she calls a reflection of her passion for living a healthy, organic lifestyle. She recommends incorporating your workout into daily activities so that it doesn’t get overlooked and filling up on water, green tea and superfoods. She’s also practiced yoga for over 12 years!

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